Why become a crypto tax degen?

We have created a crypto community that is like no other. Driven by the desire to deliver a unique, evolving, and information-driven platform that actually keeps up with the speed of the crypto world, Andy Wood is here to share his expertise with those who want in.

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Our story

Tax can be complicated, that’s no secret. Every decision you make when you invest, trade, or mine crypto needs to be considered carefully from a tax perspective. Our international community unites those passionate about doing crypto the right way, as well as providing the information and support you need to feel confident in such a volatile and unpredictable environment.

We wanted to make the best crypto tax advice accessible to anyone, as well as the chance to chat with world leading international tax advisors. When you become a degen, you will get exclusive insight into navigating NFT tax, crypto tax reliefs, estate planning, compliance, taxation of DeFi transactions, and much more.

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The book

The crypto world is prone to change. When Andy published the first edition of his book Cryptocurrency and Other Digital Assets for Professionals, he knew that he needed to keep the contents evolving and up to date.

When you sign up to the degen community, you get exclusive access to Andy’s constantly updated eBook for investors and other degens. This means expert advice at your fingertips, always.