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It's up to you how immersed you become in this degen community. We offer a few different subscription options, so you can pick which one suits you best.

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Which subscription would suit me best?

This comes down to the level of expertise you want access to.


The Assured Ape

Our Apes are the ones that go it alone. This subscription is ideal for those who want more general advice that they can tailor to their own needs. You will get immediate access to all additions made to Andy’s book, exclusive live streams when they occur, the opportunity to apply for a crypto bank account, and exclusive merch.


The Degenerate

If you want a more bespoke offering with advice tailored specifically to you, as well as unique access to some of the greatest minds in the crypto tax world, you will want to become an Degenerate. As well as getting everything on the Ape subscription, Degenerates get 1-1 Zoom calls with a specialist at tax accountant.


Our Diamond Hands

Diamond Hands make the most of an extensive range of crypto tax resources. As well as getting everything all of our other subscribers get, you can enjoy exclusive 1-1 guidance through 4 hours of expert tax counselling every year.

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